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 Tears of Isis
Musical Visions of Ancient Egypt

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view the album page on iTunes.

The iconic art, pyramids, myths and religion of ancient Egyptian civilization have inspired the music for this CD. To my knowledge, no authentic written texts of their music exist. What I have composed is a set of musical visions that seek to stimulate the listener's imagination about what their music may have sounded like.

For a viewing of the You Tube videos for any or all of the tracks, click the titles below, and you can listen and watch the music there:

1. Tears of Isis. The ancient Egyptian goddess Isis wept for her beloved husband Osiris, who was murdered and betrayed by his own brother. Her tears brought about the annual flood and inundation of the Nile.

2. Anthem to the Rising Moon. This is imagined as sacred music that was played by priests, musicians and guided by highly evolved spiritual masters. 

3. Amun-Ra's Anthem to the Rising Sun. This music is an expanded arrangement of my "Anthem to the Rising Sun." It was previously released as a downloadable single. 

4. King Tut's Spirit Drum Song. This piece envisions a group of ancient Egyptian drummers gathered in the spirit world who are levitating the stone blocks of King Tut's pyramid. 

5. Cheops Activates the Great Pyramid of Giza. This music is an extensive remix of the original downloadable single "Invocation of the Great Pyramid of Giza." It imagines Cheops with musicians and priests "activating" the pyramid to takes its place in the cosmos.

6. War Song of Horus and Sekhmet. This piece is a war song evoking the gods Horus and Sekhmet. The choral text is derived from the Egyptian "Book of the Dead."

7. Song of Isis - Goddess of Peace. This is a sung prayer to Isis celebrating the blessings of peace after the ravages of war.

8-9. Nefertiti's Song of the Magic Birds and Song of the White Goddess. In these pieces it is imagined that the legendary Queen Nefertiti dreams of the magical birds of the Tuat, the mythical land which ran parallel to Egypt. The White Goddess refers to the sacred Ibis.

10. Hymn to Ra and Osiris. These ancient words from the Egyptian Book of the Dead celebrate the coming of Ra as he rises in the eastern horizon, and also the coming of Osiris.

11. Journey of Souls - Isis and the Boat of Amun-Ra. This is a musical vision of the journey of the dead, passing beyond the gates of the Tuat (the realm of the afterlife and the home of the gods.) They must pass by the guardians of each gate, and if successful, eventually will hear the voice of Isis welcoming them to a heavenly paradise. 

Ancient Egyptian Anthem to the Moon

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view the album page on iTunes.

Here is an Ancient Egyptian Anthem to the Moon.  Originally it was played by priests, musicians and guided by highly evolved spiritual masters.  It is thought to date from about 2500BC.
Click here to view the You Tube Video of this music.



Ancient Egyptian Anthem to the Rising Sun

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view the album page on iTunes.

Here is the Anthem to the Rising Sun.  The musicians and priests and people would gather before dawn and pray and play this anthem for several hours until the sun rose.  The anthem recreated here takes place in the final minutes just before the first rays of the sun could be seen.

Click here to listen to an extended excerpt of the Anthem to the Rising Sun






Ancient Egyptian Invocation of the Great Pyramid of Giza

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view the album page on iTunes.

This work is an invocation for the "activation" of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Some researchers have determined that the natural resonance of Thoth's Sacred Chamber in the center of the pyramid has a musical pitch of F#.  Acoustic measurements of the winds which encircle the pyramid also have the same resonance.  A few investigators believe that the ancient Egyptians knew that the resonant frequency of the Earth itself is a fraction of the same F# pitch.  Another fragmentary scroll instructs the musicians/priests to perform their invocation ceremony exactly three times.  After the physical construction of the pyramid the esoteric tradition called for the activation of the pyramid so that it would take its proper place in the cosmos, mediating between earth, heaven and the humans who partook of both realms.


And just as many meditative traditions practiced today call for the meditator to call upon earth energies to flow into the body from the feet, then into the heart center, and finally to connect to celestial energies of heaven, so does this music call earth energies by resonating and chanting musical notes at the F# pitch.  A deep listening may guide the listener to travel in imagination back countless centuries and partake of the original activation of the Great Pyramid of Giza within the sacred chamber of Thoth.


Click  here  to view on You Tube all the Ancient Egyptian Music videos.


The cover art images on this page are Copyright (C) 2010 by Homa Goodman.