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Music and Publications of Jeffrey Goodman

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Homage to Aguado
Bach Fugue in A minor
Giuliani Sonata Opus 15
Flamenco Legacy
Vivaldi Concerto in D
Handel Water Music
Pachelbel Canon in D
Goodman Guitar Music
Ernst Krenek Suite
Luys de Narvaez
Music for Woodwinds and S
Bach Cello Suite VI
Johannes Pachelbel
Canon in D major for four guitars

This is a transcription for four guitars of Johannes

Pachelbel's Canon in D major, originally written for

three violins and basso continuo.


This edition is designed for concert performance as well as for classroom instruction.  The score is

presented with amply notated guitar fingerings for each of the four parts.  Also included are separate parts for each of the guitars.


Pachelbel’s Canon utilizes the form of a three part canon and an accompanying  ground bass. The term “canon” refers to a contrapuntal device in which several voices play the same melodic line, entering one by one in sequence.

In Pachelbel’s piece,there are three voices playing in canonic imitation, above a repeating  fourth voice, the basso continuo, which plays an repeating bass line melody.

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To view a You Tube video that scrolls the score and plays the music, click below: