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Mauro Giuliani Sonata in C Major, Opus 15
arranged for 2 guitars by Jeffrey Goodman

Mauro Giuliani's  Sonata in C Major, Opus 15, originally for solo guitar, published in Vienna in 1808, is recognized as one of his finest masterpieces, and is his only work in multi-movement sonata form.

This arrangement in duet form offers an innovative approach to introduce Giuliani's masterpiece to students, as well as for study of classical sonata form.  The book features the full score for two guitars, and also includes separate guitar parts, which are bound in the book.

Free Downloads of PDF scores:


1. For a free download of excerpts from all three movements of the score click here.

2. For a free download of the complete Allegro Spiritoso - 1st movement,

click here.


Click here, or on the image above to navigate to the Amazon information page.

For the Video:

In conjunction with the book, there is a You Tube video that displays the score as the music is played by sampled guitars.  Click here, or on the screen below to view the You Tube video.  Both teachers and students can use this resource as a guide to this particular sonata, and also as a representative model for classical sonata form as it came to fruition in the early 19th century.

The video features a streaming structural analysis of the sonata form as the score unfolds.  Based on the first edition published by the Imprimerie Chimique in 1808, this edition consists of a fully annotated and fingered score, along with separate guitar parts.  Giuliani's original dynamic markings, his richly detailed articulations and his phrase markings are included in their entirety.

The streaming structural analysis functions as a guide for the players to actively become familiar with the classical sonata form.  The source of the analysis is from the recent and authoritative work of Bampenyou, Rattanai.  To view his excellent book, "A Performance Guide to the Multi-Movement Guitar Sonatas of Fernando Sor and Mauro Giuliani" (2012), click here