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A Beginner's Guitar Guide
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Free MP3s and Sheet Music Downloads

I am offering these free downloadable resources I have created for my students over a period of more than 40 years as a musician and guitar teacher. 

Here below are a selection of scores, guitar instructional materials and MP3s that are offered as free downloads.  The sheet music and instructional materials are downloadable as PDF files.  The MP3s are recordings of compositions and guitar recordings of Jeffrey Goodman.  


Free Sheet Music, Scores and PDF documents for download:

Fernando Sor as a Transcriber, Opus 9 Mozart Variations,by Jeffrey Goodman

The Art of Practicing, from Chapter 7 of
"A Beginner's Guide to the Classical Guitar"

Gaspar Sanz "
Instrucción de Música sobre la Guitarra Española"

Aguado New Guitar Method (24 lessons from the original English edition.)

Aguado Etude in A minor

Luys Milan -
Libro de Musica de Vihuela

Matteo Carcassi - Method for the Guitar

Fernando Sor - Method for the Spanish Guitar

Manuel Lopez Ramos - interview by J. Goodman

Gaspar Sanz - Pavana in three parts

For the beginning guitarist, here are a few necessary lessons and  that are drawn from Jeffrey Goodman's

A Beginner's Guide to the Classical Guitar.

Why Musicians Study Keys

Holding the Guitar

Basics of Music Notation

Guitar Notation

Map of Guitar Notes

Here are a few beginning level pieces, also from the Beginner's Guide, that are relatively easy and fun to play.

Seikilos Song  (This is scored with music notation and tab.)

Malaguena  (This is also scored with music notation and tab.)

Waltz in A minor by Carcassi

Leymon Tendrel - Traditional Tibetan Melody

Bourree in Em from Bach's 1st Lute Suite (Master Class Edition)

Romance D'amour by Anonymous (Master Class Edition)

Albacinatas in music and tab notation from the book Flamenco Legacy

Sakura - Introduction, Theme and Variations from the CD Hands of the Angels.

Free MP3s for download

These selections are original recordings by Jeffrey Goodman from his CD Hands of the Angels.

Catalonian Reverie

Angelic Visit 

Zambra Trance

These selections are from the CD Christmas in Camelot:

Carol of the Bells

Coventry Carol

These selections are from the CD Tibetan Journey:

Hungry Ghosts


These selections are from the CD Whispering Harps of Merlin:

Ninianes Love Song for Merlin

Merlin's Call to Hathor

These selections are from the CD Music of the Dreaming Heart Trees:

Blue Sunset

Dreaming Heart Trees Entwine

All of the sheet music and MP3s are copyright by Jeffrey Goodman.  All rights reserved.