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Flamenco Legacy Project
Malagueña" by Jose Antonio Rodriguez

Jose Antonio Rodriguez, legendary flamenco guitarist and composer, in the video “Creating Malagueña,” guides the viewer into the history, technique and flamenco essence of Malagueña.  Mr. Rodriguez is a celebrated lineage holder of the flamenco tradition, having studied with the greatest flamenco artists of Spain, and has become known and cherished for his incandescent creations of flamenco guitar music.  This video is in Spanish, with extensive English subtitles, and is particularly intended for the serious student of flamenco.


In this video the viewer is shown:


1.  Introduction to the video. [00:14]

2.  Jose’s early musical background, education and teachers. [2:02]

3.  History of Malagueña – its popular roots and evolution into flamenco art. [4:01]

4.  Basic flamenco techniques explained and demonstrated by Jose of Right hand, Left hand, scales,arpeggios,              chords and rasgueados.  [7:36]

5. Theoretical and practical explanations. [12:40]

6. Performance of Jose’s composition Malagueña. [19:46]

7. Slow performance of the same Malagueña.  [21:37]

8. Slow performance of Malagueña divided into seven sections. [25:07]

9. Jose’s performance of a beginning guitarist’s Malagueña, edited by Jose from the Malagueña from Jeffrey  Goodman’s book “Flamenco Legacy.”  [31:56]

To view the webpage for the book of authentic mid-20th century flamenco
masterpieces, "Flamenco Legacy."
click here