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Flamenco Legacy

Authentic 20th Century Guitar Masterpieces

from the Cafes of Seville and Madrid

to the Gypsy Caves of Granada

Click here or on the image below

to go to the iTunes information page. 

The music is also available in CD format and/or as MP3 download from CD Baby and Amazon.

Click here to view the print edition of all the music.  The book is in both music and tablature notation.

This collection of authentic flamenco music is drawn from my personal music library.  Except for my introductory arrangements of Malagueña and Soleares, all of the music was created and played by anonymous gypsies in Spain and dates back to the 1950s.


The music ranges in technical level from beginning – for example Jota and Fandango, to intermediate pieces such as Farruca and Granadinas, to more

advanced pieces such as Tango and Tarantas.


Click on underlined track below to listen and view a video with a scrolling of the music and tab:

  1. Malagueña

  2. Soleares

  3. Jota

  4. Tientos

  5. Gypsy Rumba

  6. Flamenco Rumba

  7. Fandango

  8. Zapateado

  9. Farucca

10. Granadinas

11. Media Granadinas

12. Tango

13. Soleares

14. Tarantas

15. Albacinatas



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