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A Beginner's Guide to the Classical Guitar
by Jeffrey Goodman

World-renowned Brazilian classical guitar virtuoso Carlos Barbosa-Lima has written:


“Jeffrey Goodman’s excellent book, “A Beginner’s Guide to the Classical Guitar,” is very well conceived, covering all the multiple aspects of guitar technique.


Exercises are built in a progressive way, having a wide variety of musical styles through various centuries. 


It includes pieces by guitarist/composers such as Fernando Sor and Dionisio Aquado as well as transcriptions by J.S. Bach, G.F. Handel and Rameau.  The book also contains an appropriate introduction to flamenco technique that can be applied to classical playing.


Utilizing Mr. Goodman’s method as presented here, students will attain a broad musical reach, cultivating the multiple possibilities of the guitar with its rich polyphonic and colorful resources.


I highly recommended this method and approach not only to all beginning classical guitar students, but also to pedagogues of the classical guitar as an excellent teaching tool and resource.”


Carlos Barbosa-Lima

Baltimore, MD 2016

In A Beginner’s Guitar to the Classical Guitar, Jeffrey Goodman has authored a musical guidebook that is a complete “stand-alone” resource for the first year or two of classical guitar study. 

There is also an extensive repertoire section that contains solos and duets organized by both key and level of difficulty.

The book is richly illustrated with photographs and musical examples, and includes essential tutorials on a broad range of topics crucial to the novice student of the classical guitar.

Although this is a traditional “stand alone” book, it also has significant multimedia content and resources for the student.  There are free “playable/viewable” scores, many video performances of the repertoire, and also a CD of 77 tracks. 

Here is a description of the multimedia content:

  • Viewable/Playable scores: free and accessible on Score Exchange.  (The student can navigate to that site, and then dynamically view and listen to the score as it plays. The student can adjust the tempo as he wishes as well. 

  • Free You Tube videos of music from the book.  There are now more than 50 video performances of the repertoire from the book.  Each video features 3 views of the playing – an overall “concert view”, a left hand close up, and a right hand close up.  Many of the videos have a scrolling score at the bottom of the screen, showing each line of music as it is being played.

  • A CD of 77 tracks from the repertoire of the book that is separately available for purchase as downloadable MP3 files (on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.), or the physical CD itself.

By clicking here, or on the book cover page, you may link directly to the website information page, where you can "look inside" the book, see the table of contents, and view a number of the interior pages of text and music.

To view/play a score from the book, click here to navigate to our "Viewable/Playable" scores page.  From there you can just click on the highlighted score you wish to explore.  The table of contents on this page will indicate which scores are available for using this feature. The Viewable Playable scores page also contains instructions for downloading the free viewer called Scorch that is used to view and play the scores.    
The introductory pages of the book contain some additional information and instructions for accessing and making use of all the multimedia content.

It also invites users of the book to register for email notifications about video, audio and other offerings of materials that illustrate and expand the subject matters in the book. 

The CD Baby player below
contains the complete album, available for listening, and also purchase, for those interested. 

(Note that the player works well with the Chrome and Firefox browsers, but may not work with Internet Explorer.)